The current PLCF project focus is the PLCF Dandelion Village Library Program.  As of Oct. 2014, 78 libraries have been built.

We continue to build more and more quality libraries in rural areas.




An elaborate PLCF report was written in September 2009, one year after the completion of the first two libraries in Shandong Province, to evaluate the impacts brought by the two libraries on the students, teachers and the schools.  The report includes quantitative and qualitative analyses, library usage statistics, student activities enabled by the libraries, evaluation of the impact of book reading, a summary of the library project execution, project finance, lessons learned and future improvement, as well as a collection of written comments on the libraries from students and teachers.  The report is in Chinese language.  (Please click here to see a translated table of contents of the report in English.)


The following are samples of key findings from the report (self-evaluation from students of 3rd through 6th graders):

  • 83% of the students felt happier
  • 76% found an ignited desire to read
  • 71% gained knowledge through reading
  • 64% noticed improvement of their academic performance
  • 61% noticed improvement of their writing skills
  • 60% noticed improvement of their problem-solving skills
  • 59% thought their creativity and imagination have improved
  • 58% noticed behavioral improvements in themselves

Below is a short presentation that summarize some of our recent progress


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