PLCF Dandelion Village Library Program - Build Quality Libraries for Those Who Need them the Most   

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By building 78 village libraries in 7 years and impacting the lives of 20,000 children, PLCF's Dandelion Village Library program has created a sustainable and scalable model for improving student reading in the primary grades in rural China


- Started and managed by early childhood educators and experts
- Partner with reading experts, rural education researchers and other NGO experts
- Put in place a rigorous and effective process for building, running and continuously evaluating each library project
- Keep operations and financial report transparent

High Quality

- Identified a collection of 3000+ high quality books for elementary to middle school students in rural China
- Standardized the process for screening candidate schools and selecting library sites
- Design engaging libraries with enjoyable reading setting
- Implement reading activities inside and outside of classrooms


- Provide ongoing evaluation of each library project and support for teacher and volunteer training
- Train school staff and students to run the libraries on a daily basis
- Recruit and train passionate volunteers to support reading activities
- Foster a thriving online community for students, parents, teachers, volunteers and sponsors

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